Do You Want To Be Part of The Crew?


When it comes to fashion, J. Crew has been around the block a few times. They have the fashion essentials that every guy, or girl needs in their closet. Being a frequent flyer on the J. Crew express plane, I know that they not only have some of the most stylish clothes on the market, but they also aren’t afraid to throw in a deal where people can save BIG. And who doesn’t love to save money? I sure as hell know I do!

Last summer was my first taste of the real world. I had my first internship position and it was in a corporate office. That meant I had to look spiffy every day. Now my closet had some fashion essentials in there of course, but what I needed were options, a lot of options. What better place to look than J. Crew?

I went to J. Crew and wiped that store clean. Getting shirts here, pants there, ties to match. I was pulling out all of the stops. When I got to the register, the cashier asked “would you like to provide your email and save 25% today?” I think I said yes faster than she could blink her eyes. Save 25% and all I had to do was give my email?! Sign me up, literally.

Now I get emails from the J. Crew factory store at least once, twice or three times a week. They are always trying to keep me up to date on the latest sales and fashion trends. The factory store already has major savings, but when J. Crew adds on additional savings, I feel obligated to shop around their site and convert on their major deals.

One of the emails I received just last week had a subject line that read…

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 4.32.10 PM

And then that got me thinking, I never asked for a flash sale, but it is always in the back of my mind, J. Crew just knows. When I clicked on the link it brought me to a specific landing page, where the content matched exactly what the subject line said. There were clothes on sale that had never been for sale before and it was only for a limited time.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 4.30.23 PM.png

The email was left for the customer to interpret in any way they please. With a link so vague there is the fear of missing out. If I didn’t click on the link, would I miss out on a once in a life time sale? The call to action was to click on the link and explore the vast options that the sale offered.

Based on the vagueness of the email I believe that it was send out to the entire database. There wasn’t specific content on the email for male or female customers. To give the customers a bit more of an insight into what the sale offers, they could have added a bit more content to the email in order for the customers to know what they are getting into before they click. But the question of “what does the sale offer?” always keeps the customers engaged and it give them the desire to click on the link

If J. Crew were to send out another email, I think it should have something promoting the items that may have gone fast in the sale. Letting the customers know that this isn’t the last time that they will see these kinds of deals. And for the customers who did miss out, they will make it a priority not to miss out again.

One thing that J. Crew does well in their email marketing promotion is their engaging subject lines. Another email that J. Crew sent me had a subject line that read…

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 4.29.46 PM

50% off clearance?? Clearance items are already marked down, but add 50% off of that?! How could you not want to click on that link? Once I saw 50% off, all I could think about were the things that I needed, and sadly the things that I didn’t need. 50% off was reason enough for me to click on the link and then from there I just felt like I was obligated to buy something. This is a very effective email and their call to action was very efficient.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 4.28.50 PM

In this specific email, there is no room for miscommunication, customers know exactly what they are getting into, the biggest deal of the season. The customers already know what types of styles and fashion are included in the clearance section, so I don’t think there should have been more content included in the email. This was an email that I think was sent out to the entire database. There were no male or female specifics again.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 5.57.48 PM

This email did more than just accomplish their initial task, it did way more. I was in need of some new office essentials. Pants, shirts, socks and anything else you could think of, I added to my cart. A deal like this comes along once every blue moon. With the sun coming out and the weather finally getting nice, it was time to spruce up the wardrobe and add some style essentials. J. Crew always makes sure that their customers are up to date with the latest and greatest. Getting an email three times a week with a different deal in every email just goes to show ya that you can’t beat email marketing. It is cheap, effective and can be sent out within a blink of an eye.

email marketing .png

When it comes to fashion it is all about staying on top of your game. With the help of J. Crew and their products and sales, fashion doesn’t have to come at a cost. You can own fashion without fashion owning you.


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