Why You Only Need Ten Shirts in Your Closet

As my style has evolved over the years, I have seen my closet suffer. It gets stuffed and stuffed with the new fashion trend or the latest “fad” that GQ released that year. It has come to the point where I have no more room in my closet, and that’s a problem. There comes a time in every man’s fashion career where he needs to hit the delete button and start over.

Styles come and go, but the classics never die. The classic black, grey, midnight blue or white t-shirts always deserve a spot in any guys closet. When it comes to the fashion essentials, the classic T’s can be worn with anything. You can pair a slick looking black t-shirt with a pair of Levi 511 and some chukka boots for a more casual evening. Or you could dress it up a bit and put on a white t-shirt with a pair of slim black dress pants and complete the outfit with some stylish loafers. Any fashion trend can be completed with these basic weapons in your repertoire

There is no reason to break the bank either. This delete process will help the struggling college student keep up to date on his fashion sense without breaking the bank. Take a look through the closet. I bet there are going to be clothes in there that haven’t been worn since you were a junior in high school. Take them out and make a few different piles. For the nicer clothes make a pile where the clothes can be taken to a consignment store, you can make some extra cash. For the more outdatedclothes, make a pile that can be donated to the salvation army. No sense of throwing them out, help a person in need. Once you have weeded through the mounds of old, outdated clothes, step 1 has been complete. I know it’s going to be hard to part with that Abercrombie and Fitch shirt you used to love so much, but trust me your closet will thank you.

If you’re paying over $15.00 for a shirt, you’re doing it wrong. H&M has all of the essential color ways for basic short sleeved t-shirts. And they only cost $6.99. Just the other day, I went into H&M with the intention on spending no more than $50.00. I walked out with four black t-shirts and sweatshirt for about $49.00. And if I didn’t buy the hoodie, I would have been able to get about three more shirts and I would have stayed within my budget. You need to know the ins and outs. And even though H&M isn’t the best quality, it gets the job done for the price you pay.

There is this saying in the world of fashion, “fashion comes at a cost” this isn’t necessarily true. Breaking the piggy bank for a $450.00 Gucci shirt is just dumb. With the outlets and retail options that have saturated the fashion market today, there is no need to feel guilty about buying clothes. There are ways to get the essentials and get them for a good deal. People don’t need to know you spent $6.99 on a shirt. If you rock the shirt, they won’t even think twice about the price. They will be too busy picking their jaws up from the floor to even think to ask that question. Keep the closet filled with the bare necessities. If you have ten shirts in your closet, that’s a good start. Keep it simple. Keep it clean. And keep it basic. You will be turning heads in no time.



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